Tesco Driver Accused of Sexual Harassment After Sending Customer THESE Texts

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A Tesco delivery driver has been accused of sexual harassment after sending an obscene message to a woman he delivered shopping to.

In a screen capped text message uploaded to the Shit London Facebook page, the full exchange is clear to see. And it makes for some pretty shocking reading. Take a look for yourself:

A Tesco delivery driver has been accused of sexual harassment
Source: Facebook

Yeah. We would not be cool if we received that in our inbox.

After the customer asks who the number belongs to, the Tesco delivery driver fires back with a missed call. A few hours later he follows that up with a text saying, “Hie? I delivered shopping to you this evening my name is Joe.” I mean, that’s bad enough as it is – no one wants anyone abusing their personal information in such a manner. But the next text is what makes for even worse reading:

“I think your sexy I want u to suck my cock while I lick your pussy”

It’s hard to deny that a text like that is definitely not OK. And it also makes us a bit concerned – what’s to stop more delivery drivers abusing personal numbers of customers?

What are Tesco doing about it?

According to the customer, she reported the delivery driver to Tesco but was less than impressed with their response.

On her Facebook post, she says: “All tescos [sic] are saying is he was an agency driver and not their fault. Should women really have to put up with this? Are there no more laws on privacy? Never say silent.”

She later reported that the driver sent her yet another text apologising – and blaming his sickening text message on the fact he was drunk.

Members of the Shit London Facebook page have been flocking to the customer’s defence, calling for the driver to be sacked immediately. They’ve even urged her to contact the police, while others have waged a Social Media war on Tesco in a bid for a proper response.

However this one plays out, one thing is clear: an abuse of customer information is never cool, Tesco. Especially when it involves sexual harassment…

UPDATE: A spokesman for Tesco said: “This behaviour is completely unacceptable.

“We took immediate action to ensure this agency driver will never work for Tesco again and are in contact with the customer.

“We are extremely sorry for any upset caused.”

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