Meet the Girl from Los Angeles who made over $96,000 in just 5 months posting SELFIES!

27 May 2018

Meet Morgan Green, she’s taking on Kim Kardashian, Dan Bilzerian and the many other celebrities charging money for social media posts, yet she is NOT famous.  She has made in excess of $100,000 posting selfies (the same as the usual one off fee charged by a major celeb for a post) and she’s doing by asking people to pay a small fee to open them!  

In just six months Morgan has built a follower base of more than 100,000 people from nothing on a new app that has been designed to allow users to charge a micro-fee for a limited-time rental of their videos and snaps.  They can also receive large tips from other users and engage in conversations – all for money.

“I made over $20,000 in my first month on the Supe App” – Morgan Green

Think about this. The major social media and messaging apps all make money from advertising and pass none of that revenue back to the creators of the content like you and I.   This new app is disrupting conventional social media and messaging apps by paying users for the content based on how many people view it. Imagine 500 people all paying just 0.10c to view your post?  That’s $50 per post you’re making.. and THIS is how Morgan has made so much money over the last six months.  

The Apps name?… SUPE. It is easy to see why it has become one of the fastest growing apps on The App Store.

Kim Kardashian looks to be making money from a ‘sponsored’ post on Instagram.
Kim Kardashian looks to be making money from a ‘sponsored’ post on Instagram.


Here’s what Morgan had to say…

I made over $20,000 in my first month on Supe. I was shocked when they actually paid me! Since then I’ve been growing my followers and I think my total earnings just passed $100,000.  I use the other social networks to bring followers to my Supe account and it works really well.  I only post my best content on Supe and people are willing to pay a few cents to view my content, its really cool!

The way I make most of my income is by engaging in one-on-one conversations with my new followers.  Users can add tips and I can charge more for messages I send to individuals than when I broadcast to everyone.  I would say 65% of what I make comes from one on one conversations, but the Broadcast messages are great to build a following. That is something I can’t do on Snap.

Supe really changed my life.  Six months ago I had a part time job and was struggling to pay my bills.  Now I have an income of $200k per year and I work just four hours a day it’s insane, and beats working for a living. I even bought a new car!

Who needs a Job?! New app is paying out so much for content, social media users are able to buy new cars!
Who needs a Job?! New app is paying out so much for content, social media users are able to buy new cars!

Other users who have taken advantage of the Supe app include Miami models and ‘Belfie’ twins, Nadia and Dana Brunai. They were recently interviewed by Britain’s two biggest newspapers, The Daily Mail and The Sun.  They claimed they were making £6,000 per month each just two months after joining the app.


Famous models are even trying supe.. Playboy model Sara Underwood, and Hugh Hefner’s wife Crystal Hefner, both have Supe accounts.


We spoke to the guys over at Supe to find out more.

Here are the facts..

  • Supe has been around just six months.  In that time it has paid out more than $2,000,000 to content creators!
  • It has over half a million users currently using the app and is one of the most popular grossing apps on the app store.
  • Their top users are making more than $15,000 per month each.
  • It is the world’s first pay-per-view messaging app.

And any advice on how we make money fast?

The process is pretty simple here is what we know works well and will fast track fast returns.

  1. Download Supe from the App Store and create a profile.  Use a portrait picture in the profile pic. Add some more info and tell people what they should expect when following your Supe account.
  2. Add your Supe username to your social profiles, bio links etc.  Use where you can. This will drive followers to your Supe account.  The more followers you bring, the more money you will make.
  3. Email [email protected] and request your profile be placed in the recommended user list to gain more followers.

Then follow these next steps to make money

  1. Use Supe to create a video, you can take snaps too but video works best.. Add a caption to drive more opens of your content. (Users see the caption before deciding to unlock the content)supe-picgym
  2. Set a viewing price in coins for your snap.. Make the first one free so people get an idea of your content and you build engagement.  On your second piece of content, start to charge coins to view.supe-pic2
  3. Broadcast to all your followers.  You can select individuals, and they are ranked by how much you have made from them historically, however in the beginning, stay with broadcasts to reach as many people as possible.


And that is all there is to making money from social media. Every time a follower views your content you get paid.  No advertising necessary. Wait for your replies to come in, interact with your followers and you’ll make a solid monthly income from posting your favourite content.

When you have built up a balance of more than $40, head over to and hit withdraw to take funds directly to your registered PayPal account. Payments are made every Monday.


The Supe App is running an exclusive promotion right now to attract new content creators to the App.  For the next 3 days anyone who creates a profile and gets 5 friends to follow them will receive double the money on their first week’s revenue.  That means if you generate $500 in your first week, Supe will pay you a massive $1000 !

Simply sign up COMPLETELY FREE now using the coupon below.

Article by Andy Robinson, Entertainment Editor


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