This Man’s Act Of Kindness Towards A Stranger Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘giving someone the shirt off your back’. You know. As in, giving someone what they ask for, no matter what the sacrifice is. Well, one kindhearted stranger took this quite literally in what’s possibly the most heartwarming story we’ve seen so far this year. (Yep. We know we’re less than two weeks in. But hey. We’re sticking by it.)

A Heartwarming Tale Of A Random Act Of Kindness

Imagine you’re on the New York subway. During the winter, where temperatures at night often drop down to near freezing. And you see an old, homeless man, topless and shivering. What would you do? For one fellow passenger, the answer was simple: give him the very t-shirt you’re wearing.

Lazar Nolaco, a fellow passenger on the Brooklyn-bound A train, filmed this act of kindness and uploaded it to Facebook. In it, a man, later referred to as Jay on the Daily News, can be seen approaching the stranger, while shaking out his t-shirt. After offering it to the man, he gently helps him put it on. Before then fetching a beanie hat to sit atop his head.

While the conversation between the two men isn’t audible on the video, it’s understood that there is more to the story than we see. Mr Nolaco heard Jay asking the man if he wanted to go to hospital, to which he replied “Yes.” While it’s not known how the man in the video is doing, we’re sincerely hoping he’s got the help he requires.

Random act of kindness on the New York subway

Reactions Across Social Media

So far, the video has already been viewed more than nine million times and shared over 220,000 times. And, unsurprisingly, the Internet’s reaction to this kind-hearted deed has been all kinds of positive. Commenting on the Facebook video, Zacchaeus OneZigg Warren said: “I’m a grown ass man, & this brought tears too [sic] my eyes…”

Another viewer, Paula See, said:

“All I can say is NY is a tough tough city to live in! And unfortunately there are so many “lost souls” in it! Thank God for those who see them and help out the needy.”

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