Watch This MMA Star’s Truly Embarrassing KO

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Oh man. We almost feel pretty bad for Jason Solomon after this embarrassing KO. The New Delhi MMA star was filmed stepping up to the boxing stage in what’s possibly the most cockiest walk-on we’ve ever seen. Then, after entering the venue with his entourage in tow, Solomon tries to intimidate his opponent by getting all up in his face.

Embarrassing KO: Oh dear, Solomon.
…he REALLY got up in his face.

Damn, as a lax-follower of MMA, I instantly thought this dude must be quite a big deal. After all, you don’t have all that confidence for nothing, do you? Surely he’s got to be one of the MMA greats?

Ah, wait. No. Because after just nine seconds of the first round, guess what happens? Yep. You’ve got it. Solomon gets embarrassingly KO’d by Amitesh Chaubey. After losing his footing within just a few seconds, Solomon just cannot recover as Chaubey rains down punches on him.

Have a look at the video for yourself here, and cringe away:

Other Embarrassing KO Incidents

The fight, which took place in September in Gurgaon, India, was the first loss in Solomon’s career. And, according to, the fighter has yet to take on another fight since. Bless him. It really is quite cringeworthy to watch. It’s even worse than when Ben “10” Nguyen managed to KO Julz “The Jackal” within just 20 seconds earlier in 2014. The tattooed-all-over Julz tried his hardest to look hard (much to Nguyen’s obvious amusement), but it really didn’t do anything for him.

And need we mention Ronda Rousey’s recent embarrassing KO? Many thought the fight would be an absolute walk in the park for her. But after suffering a KO in the second round, it was pretty clear she’d lost her Ronda magic.

Is Jason Solomon’s incident the most embarrassing KO of all time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.