Actors Reveal Their Most Awkward Sex Scene Stories

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There was a time when I considered becoming an actress. But then I thought, “What if I have to act in an awkward sex scene?” And then I remembered I also couldn’t actually act.

Luckily for us though, people have been sharing their most awkward sex scene stories over on Reddit. While we would undoubtedly be cringing away if the following happened to us, we’re just glad they happened to someone. Mainly so we could have a good laugh.

These Are The Best Awkward Sex Scene Stories

“15 year old me was roped into being Romeo in the school drama class production of Romeo and Juliet. The start of one scene had Juliet and I waking up in bed together, slightly suggestive but no big deal, at least not until one of my mates in the crowd yelled “stick it in her”.” –  lakeshow2015

“I was once cast in a role where there was some kissing involved. However after the actress saw me she demanded that the kissing scene be removed from the script. She got her wish.” – shahadar

Awkward sex scene

“I did a role in a smaller movie where I was a gangster who couldn’t get it up in a rape scene. The girl in question was in her bra and panties, so it was obviously up. So I was made to stand in the cold and take a piss (both are methods to prevent hardness). Went back to reshoot and we were good.

The girl in scene told me she was flattered when she thanked me.” – br0wnb0y

Awkward sex scene stories

“Not a kiss scene, but a dance scene. This girl who I danced with in a prom scene had just gotten P.O.’ed at her boyfriend, so she starts pressing herself up against me during rehearsals. When it moved, her eyes got wide and she almost jumped back.” – nhnolan

“I was on the production crew for a live version of Rocky Horror Picture Show…during one of the talky parts, the background players are posing, sometimes they would pair off to do slo-mo sexy times and one of the guys starts to slowly, agonizingly, painfully getting a sideways boner. Being in a lime green body stocking in front of a black background pretty much guarantees he has no where to hide.

Every move this guy makes is making it worse. We, behind the scenes are fucking dying. The audience is snickering a bit as well. This poor schlub is pretty much at full mast when BIG DANCE NUMBER begins. The few main actors who hadn’t noticed now saw a lime green boner doing the Time-Warp again. The show pretty much stopped with the pelvic thrusts from all of the laughter.”  – Dont-quote-me

Awkward sex scene

“Dress rehearsals. Loose silky robes, boxers and cleavage were an erection’s wet dream. Thanks to said loose silk robes and boxers I had no chance of hiding it from her. I was 17 at the time, it might as well have been a lead pipe poking her in the back.

She knew. I knew she knew. She knew I knew she knew.

I wanted to die but she didn’t flip out. I mean it was dress rehearsals, it’s not like we were mid live performance. She could have called me out any time. As rehearsals go there were lots of starts and stops and resets. I’m trying not to poke her with it but I can’t go anywhere and I’m telling myself that maybe she didn’t notice afterall.

Then she reaches back and grabs it, she starts squeezing and slowly rubbing and I’m freaking the fuck out. Our teacher is right there. Right fucking there talking about…who gives a fuck…

So I obviously fired off about ten seconds in. She let’s out a muted “oh damn” and pulls her hand away quickly. Teacher hears and asks what’s wrong. She does the cough giggle and tells him it’s nothing and he goes on droning away. We never talked about it. I tried once but she acted like it never happened. Best god damn Handy J I’ve ever gotten.” – Just-An-Asshole

Awkward sex scene

“[When I was 12] I had never been kissed before and this was my big moment. She pinned me against the wall and before my back hit the set I had a raging unstoppable erection. And since I wore sweatpants every day there was absolutely no hiding it. So when she went in for the kiss I inadvertently poked her right in the stomach with my pubescent diamond chipper. She screamed in horror and ran off the stage crying. I stood there on stage while everyone laughed and laughed and laughed. Eventually I just ran off the stage and cried in the bathroom.” – VapeFiction

Awkward sex scene stories

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